Makeup Shopping Tips

Points to consider when going makeup shopping.

The decision to where makeup comes at various stages of a lady’s life.To each her own. Despite the age or time when one decides to wear makeup, there are a few pointers one can consider.

1.Do your homework: Make sure you do some little research on the type of makeup you wish to get. Watch youtube tutorials, watch makeup videos, attend free instore makeup sessions, try friends’ makeup and inquire on their experience with brands, shops, and makeup process.

2. Carry makeup remover: Go for instore testing, go without makeup and carry makeup remover wipes so that you can try out various looks to help with your purchase decision.

3. Pay attention to professional makeup application: Make sure you observe how the professional in-store apply the makeup, the various selections and how they are used. Also, check the various brushes used and do not feel scared to ask questions. Makeup is not a small investment so you want to ensure you do it well.

4. Understand your skincare routine: make sure you understand how to best remove makeup and take care of the skin to avoid breakouts when using makeup

5. Do not rush to make purchases: start with the basic makeup like the lippies and foundation before you blow your money on a lot of unnecessary makeup.

6. Enjoy the journey: Once you start applying makeup, the rest is a journey of experimenting on brands, tones, and colors that suit you.

“Makeup is like clothes, everyone has their own style. “ Uknown

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