Road to Kampala

‘Rotary is a lifetime journey”, in my opinion. I doubt these makes sense to someone who has never heard about rotary.Apart from the rubber on the tarmac ,the air miles accumulated for projects and conferences, the journey to connect to humanity is attained.One may wonder how this is possible but until you leave your home at wee hours to make it in time for a 4 am meet up and join like minded persons to head to a destination to meet a bunch of other persons making a difference then all these activities are meaningless.


All road trips or any form of trip have there share of chaos,sort of organized chaos.Sometimes when I wonder about the chaos I believe that I am causing a disruption in the universe,in the norm of things by moving out of my zone and some sort of resistance come along. An unprofessional driver, a delaying friend at a pick u point, issues at the border all sorts of little things to test your resilience to stick to the goal or cower back and return.

Despite the challenges,there is still good in the world because somehow in the path of determination we are rewarded by the most amazing experience of humanity that touches our heart and not just our hands.much blessings for the persons who have overflowing love and they get rewarded with goodness for it is just the most basic reciprocation one can give. The dedication and commitment to wait and bridge the gap in a foreign country to make the stay most hospitable is one to forever remember.

Rotary events seem flamboyant and far reaching,getting more value for money than what you give making a huge impact.I do recall inviting a friend to our golf tournament costing $25 per ticket inclusive of a golf clinic,soup all day and dinner and he completely refused to believe that it was possible to pull off such a budget.At the end of the event my club raised $9,000 for the club’s scholarship fund.I only wish that this friend would have had the chance to experience such magic.

last weekend is one to be etched in my memory for years to come,a cruise on lake Victoria and a party on the beach amongst strangers and lovers to raise funds for Kikwanda clinic in Uganda.Thanks to the organized efforts of Rotary club of Kampala south hundreds of mothers get to safely deliver their babies and see them grow to adults through the gift of a mama kit, a functional clinic, continuous medical camp outreach and a borehole that delivers clean water to a community that would have otherwise remained impoverished without your efforts and commitment.Viva La rotary!


The trip offered us a chance to experience the sites and sounds of Entebbe. We stayed at the Entebbe Airport hotel, a lovely boutique hotel with an intimate dining area next to the reception. The beach party was at waterfront resort, such ambiance and efficiency to the spaces available. Our boat was ‘MV Vanessa”, very stable with WiFi, television(I don’t know why anyone would be watching it), WiFi connection for live updates of social media ,i think.

We sampled Ugandan breakfast of ‘katogo’, visited the Uganda wild life conservatory and had Kenyan lunch in Kampala just next to the bus stage.

Our host Rotarian Albert was a real hero and angel Michael at that.He truly embodied the mantra of rotary Service above self’ ,may his cup forever overflow.


My heart is full,I have no doubt that the rest have their own experience narration. I pray for more life moments and joys.To more opportunities to say yes to abundance and rising above getting by but thriving.

Rotary club of Kampala south in Uganda is the twin club to Rotary club of Milimani in Nairobi,Kenya. great things happen when great people come together.

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