Life happens as has happened the past 2 years with a pandemic that nobody anticipated. Statistical data indicate overall economic downtime affecting household incomes undoing Kenya’s vision 2030 achievements and the SDG goals milestones. On the ground the reality is hard, lack of basic necessities causing one to survive and not thrive. When survival is the agenda, dreams and visions take a back burner. Not sure about the businesses that have survived this season and how they are managing to do it. I have lessons of my own since all the nick nack processes got proper testing of the solidness. Called to change direction and retain the goals.

Some of us got a stomach punch, everything fell apart and splashed everywhere like that fancy tutu skirt getting lifted by a whirlwind in the middle of a busy street. Somehow reaching to save your dignity there is more mess and you are on the ground trying to get the ground to swallow you. For whatever way things happen one has to find a semblance of a way to get up and keep on moving, keep on living. Some of the tips I have received from countless spiritual gurus interactions and a lot of introspecting is ‘One foot in front of the other, a step at a time.” Allow me to share some plan if today you don’t know what to do or where to start;

Believe that everything is gonna work out, that proposal you send out opens a chance for the next business. Applying for that job is a belief in the possibility that things can change. Faith is demonstrated when you don’t get stuck in past trauma.

When we fail it’s a great lesson how not to do things a certain way. Just becasue you have spent soo much time making a mistake doesn’t mean you cannot turn it around at any time. Ditch the guilt and shame trip and believe in yourself again.

No situation is permanent, change your thoughts to change your outcome. reflect on positive thoughts and take small steps to actualize a new reality.

Sweep the house, start afresh, whatever is broken is broken either fix it and if it’s beyond repair don’t despair long, it only brings you lots of sadness and sickness of the heart.

Find support from family, friends, peers, financial advisors, mentors. Many have tried and failed before you and they keep trying so they can show you the way,offer tips and new opportunities.

I hope you will find the courage to be kind to yourself, take steps towards your future, rest if you must but don’t quit.

some of my favorite motivations have been;

i) The bible, so vast and an indication of how small we are in the grand scheme of life.

ii) Autobiographies, people’s stories are a reflection of life and the human spirit e.g The promised land by Barack Obama is a demonstration of hope and we are enough just the way we are to make a difference.

iii) Motivational speakers; people like Les Brown and Robin Sharma with practical daily routines and thoughts.

iv) Spiritual warriors like Iyanla Vanzant on personal work and personal effectiveness demonstrate that most solutions lie within.

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