Office Grooming Tips

He is happy whom circumstances suit his temper; but he Is more excellent who suits his temper to any circumstance… David Hume.

I worked in the corporate world for about 5 years and found the suits stifling. Probably I am just that rebellious catholic girl from childhood, too many rules to last a lifetime I choose to break them later o in life. I do recall my mantra in High school was to know the rules so that I could understand how to break them. I always felt the need to break a suit at work with fancy tops, pants only, skirt only or jacket separately.

Depending on the rules involved in your industry and the nature of your role then good grooming is paramount. Breaking the rules or not one is judged by there appearance and subliminal messages sent across at client meetings and stakeholder engagements.

Good grooming is not stuck on clothes, shoes and hair only but personal hygiene and presence. One should mind their language in the office, treat colleagues and clients with respect and decorum.

Also keeping the work area tidy is part of good grooming,empty trash cans,clean desk policy consistently cleaning out old papers and accumulated documents that are time bad.


A great tailor is like a great personal trainer – they tailor that suit to your natural physique. Jidenna


  1. Let be clean; the clothes, the nails, the hair ,the shoes. whether old or out of style,it always wins when it’s clean.
  2. Keep it fitting; Buggy clothes,shoes and those lady handbags in oversize are a no no.
  3. Spray it on; don’t splash that perfume.Smell good,feel good.
  4. Go easy on the color; whether it’s on the hair, nails,clothes or your spectacles.Go easy on the color to retain focus on the agenda of work and not distracting the client with mixed messages reminding them of their kid’s clown from the weekend trip.
  5. Take care of the heel; those lanky noisy heels are a no no causing attention distraction every time you pass in the whole office,kindly take care of that.Know when to toss an old heal,spare the office the distraction and attention seaking antiques.


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