Kisumu-Sigalagala trip

Travelled to Kisumu city last weekend via the Nairobi- uganda road. It is approxiamately 450km to sigalagala in Kakamega county. Woke up at 3am to leave the house at 4am and hit the road. The road was preaty clear starting off at kikuyu by pass to connect to wayaki way in the last mile considering all the construction in progress. We made it to Kerich by 8.30am ,stopped over at Kerischo Mall for Java coffee getting that lick of the day nescafe satchets do not deliver.

Stop over in Kericho

Moving from Kericho to Kisumu via Ahero was also a good drive, arrived in Kisumu at 10.30am , linked up with a friend who was flying back from Kisumu at 1 pm later leading us to another meetup with some friends at their home next to the airport building air B n B’s, awesome investment, Considering the time we had to part ways and drive to sigalagala via Kisumu Kakamega route, there was a small section on that road soo terrible but hopefully will be fixed soon. Otherwise, the drive to Sigalagala was also polite. We traveled to condole with friends but a much opportune time to be on the county roads. The roads are well tarmacked, marked off with proper signage, It rained on our way back from Sigalagala, arrived back to Kisumu at 6.30 pm, got a key to a friend’s apartment to prepare for the evening. Got a nice little apartment in Tom Mboya estate with a clear view of Lake Victoria, so lovely for the sunset.

later in the evening we stepped out for dinner and a little dancing in Kisumu town. There are taxi apps; Bolt and Little cab so we hailed a bolt to and from the apartment. A friend recommended the spot ‘Gallery Lounge’ great music, awesome food. Had a chat with the cab driver on the way home, he had sentiments on the slowness of business in the town, however, the city was a bit chilled on Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon on the drive back. Sure folks in the city have more detailed comments. Comments are allowed and perspectives because I was just passing by. Drove back to Nairobi on Sunday afternoon, got to town at 9.30 pm through the by-pass though the traffic was so heavy on wayaki way with all diversions.

If I was to speak on business, there is plenty of statistics on record, Business I would say is every organization’s journey since in similar markets similar businesses prosper differently and it is the difference that makes the world.

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