Homabay trip

Homabay lake victoria lakeshow

Travelling toHomabay was not planned,I realize most of these trips across the country are really not planned. Glad that I can just wake up and pack a small bag then off we go. One morning in Nairobi the same day evening in another part of the country and another town the following day. I get a text from my sister that her brother-in-law has passed on, I recall her travelling to see me when I was on a sabbatical at home,I know I have to go. So I travel to Kisii town, go home to the village. Super excited to see granny and I immediately announce I shall travel the following day to Homabay, about an hour’s drive from Kisii. The following day in no rush I get a shuttle to Kisumu and drop off in Homabay. I condole with her and later go up and about the town en route to Mumias. we stopover by the roadside and find these fishermen bringing fish from the lake,I wonder about their lives. The people on the show with sprawling fishing nets made of Mosquito nets, the fishlings fished out cutting the future supply of fish, the fights for the larger fish. I recall a story about Sex for fish and I am just overwhelmed with the energies there.

We negotiate some fish purchases with my Aunty and then set off to travel to Mumias. We end up going through Lwanda, Maseno then Mumias, arrive albeit late but get home in time to find my other grandmother still awake. There isn’t much to write about Homabay on this trip, A lot of thoughts pound my head about the county economies, an old boyfriend hailing from Homabay, and the brothers in the City who proudly say ‘I am XYZ Ja Homabay.”

I later travel back to the city, still thought of Homabay cross my mind, of the parcels of land neighboring Kisii with huge contrasts on the vegetation and economic activities. The proposals of an airport within the town since the brothers would readily pay for a flight to Homabay and jet back but not build at home to reside there long enough for the neighbors to smell their presence.

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