Daily Mental healthcare

Taking care of the mind

In recent times there are more conversations on mental health. Previously, it was taboo to speak about a debilitating mind. Now words like depression, anxiety, psychiatrist, meditation amongst many other words related to mental health are easily spoken about.

This is Ess discussing mental health with Dr.Karen

Life is hectic as it is and we have to find ways to cope or otherwise get extinct.

“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.” —Buddha

So some of the tips for daily mental healthcare include;

Eat healthily; It is said we are what we eat, translating to the shape of the body we have but also feeding our brain. When the brain is deprived of necessary nutrients necessary for its development and growth, then we put it at risk of breaking down. Eat lots of fruits, nuts, vegetable, legumes, fish and less junk food.

Drink healthily; Water is life and composes most part of the brain. Continuously hydrating helps to keep the brain healthy and dilute any other toxic items one may have consumed in form of Bhang, Cigarettes, and alcohol that compromise the hydration levels of the brain impairing its function.

Watch what you watch: One should be selective on what they consume in visuals especially in this era of technology where screentime is unlimited and only a click away. Too much screentime does not allow the brain to detach and relax from all the flash images and screen lighting causing it to run overtime.

Exercise: At least 45 minutes of workout time helps to increase the heart rate and thus blood circulation. It is said that exercise helps to release certain feel-good hormones into the body enabling one to be able to cope better with negative situations.

Monitor relationships; watch those whom you associate with, their attitudes towards life and it is said that you are averagely the 5 people you surround yourself with. These people will not only influence your attitude towards life but also your habits and routines whether positive or negative. Choose your friends wisely.

Read self-improvement books; Get inspiration from great people across the world who will inspire you to greatness. In the process, you discover that your challenges are not unique and if it has been overcome before it still can be overcome.

Forgive; pardon he wrongs you have done and those done unto you for no one is perfect. It does not excuse the behavior but forgiveness releases the energy it holds in your mind and heart blocking you from moving forward.

Sleep; Keep a regular sleep schedule to allow your body and mind to have maximum rest in order to rejuvenate itself and allow for you to operate at optimal capacity.

feel free to comment with your suggestions on more daily mental healthcare activities. we appreciate your feedback. Share this article with a friend who needs to read this and let us be our brother and sister’s keeper.

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