Road to Kampala

‘Rotary is a lifetime journey”, in my opinion. I doubt these makes sense to someone who has never heard about rotary.Apart from the rubber on the tarmac ,the air miles accumulated for projects and conferences, the journey to connect to humanity is attained.One may wonder how this is possible but until you leave your home …

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I would like to welcome everyone to our website. Every click is the universe’s way of affirming that which we believe in. I hope that there will be many interactions on this platform where I choose not to define soo much the direction the blogs will take but appreciate every creative moment. This to positive …

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Makeup Shopping Tips

1.Do your homework: Make sure you do some little research on the type of makeup you wish to get. Watch youtube tutorials, watch makeup videos, attend free instore makeup sessions, try friends’ makeup and inquire on their experience with brands, shops, and makeup process. 2. Carry makeup remover: Go for instore testing, go without makeup …

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Daily Mental healthcare

Life is hectic as it is and we have to find ways to cope or otherwise get extinct. feel free to comment with your suggestions on more daily mental healthcare activities. we appreciate your feedback. Share this article with a friend who needs to read this and let us be our brother and sister’s keeper.

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