5 years reflection

I look back in the last five years and I wonder where did the years go? 2020 has been something, I feel like I have grown a lot in person and economically. Coming to the end of the year I found myself reflecting on things as they are, these reflection helps me to acknowledge the journey and just appreciate life.

Here goes something;

1. Make peace with change

This is the only consistent thing, change is always happening all around us. If one resists change then ooh boy you are in trouble. I  have discovered that sometimes I may need to count my breath but I can do this. 

The dearly departed, failed business deals, month ends, failed ideas lost friendships.

2. Join business forums & Social Networks

No man is an island and we are social beings. Trust your own judgement to be in the right space especially when receiving conflicting messages. People will exaggerate their promise and deliver peanuts demanding gratitude keeping you stuck just because they have been out here longer than you. A load of crap, girl shtep, boy bye!

Despite the conflicting situations I would encourage anyone to exercise their own judgment and pick what works, you are your own best advocate. Be clear about what you want and the price you are paying and balance that frequently.

3.Stay focused on your dream

Before an idea manifests in the outer world you gottat see it with your inner eye. Most events, earthly things started as an idea. One may need to fine tune the how and when but we should be clear about our Vision.

4. Read books

On many occassions they will be the sollance you need. A distraction from excuiating moments and life happenings. What is more beautiful you get to get the guided counsel of leadersacroos the globe.

Books will be the much needed refreshing thought, escape to anorthe world and time zones.

5. Resiliance

Life will knock you over your head like a tonne of bricks leaving you chocking for air. A friend will betray you, business will go wrong, you will loose money, opportunities will frustrate the living daylights out of you.

You have to reach out within yourself and keep going. With a shacky voice, awooobley knee, screaming your head off, you have to go on.

6. Love

Love is not complicated, it is you, itis me. I am love and you are love. We don’t have to seek it outshide of ourselves but expereince it right where we are , everywhere coz we carry it with us.

So love your work, your family, your friends but mostly love yourself. My cup runneth over, what is in the cup is mine and what overflows is for others so fill your cup. Filling your cup could be a road trip, a mountain climb, taking a nap, a warm bath, a massage session. Sitting still or running wild, then it becomes easy to offer the love and care to your passions, friends and projects without running empty.

7. Trust

To crown it, I will say… trust….trust the process, trust your journey, trust God. The good and the bad times. Everything and everything works together to lead you to where you are. The friendships, the failures, the sucessess, the falls, the running. It is a beautiful world, trust that.

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